Is it training? Or is it just Playing?

It was a busy week!  (and will likely be a busy post!)

I guess every week is.  I remember working with teenagers that would say that they were so bored.   I remember asking myself, “When have I ever had enough time to be bored?”  Work…school… family…chores…animals…fun…sleep (if there is time left)… and the list goes on and on.

I think that it would be impossible for me to be bored with a beautiful family (Wonderful wife and six great children, the youngest being only 6 months) and a 10 week old draht puppy.

More Socialization

I don’t think it is possible to have too much socialization or exposure for a puppy.   This week, Caza was able to meet more people at work.  She met more dogs and had more formal (bum sniffing) introductions to some she saw last week.  She was bolder on walks through the neighborhood.  She ventured farther out and didn’t retreat as quickly when dogs barked.

Thanks for the petting, but I'm more interested in him.

Thanks for the petting, but I’m more interested in him.

Hey, I'm Cazadora.  What is your name?

Hey, I’m Cazadora. What is your name?

Would you like to play with me?

Sambo, ya wanna stay and play with me?

The only cat encounters that we are allowing are with our Smokey.  I don’t know if she and Smokey will ever become friends.  I do think that it would behoove Smokey to put some effort into the relationship.   They both behave, somewhat, during supervised visitations.  Caza is still playful and Smokey is still ornery.

In addition to new places, people, and animals Caza also learned more about manners.  She learned that she is supposed to be quite and well behaved not only in her crate but also if she is in an outside kennel or staked out.  She has learned that being noisy does not buy freedom.  She has also learned that good manners are often rewarded with fun and games.   Tammy, is trying to teach these same ideas to our baby.  Caza is bit faster learning than is Logan in such matters.   I think that it is also more difficult for Tam to let Logan cry in bed than it is for me to let Caza cry in her kennel.

There are so many similar principles in teaching babies/children and teaching puppies.  There is always teaching going on and everybody is always learning.  We can teach them the skills and behaviors needed to be successful in life.  Or we can teach them that they can control and manipulate situations with their behaviors.  Children learn very quickly that whining and other negative behaviors can often have positive rewards.  Puppies too are quick studies on such matters.

I am sure that I will make my fair share of mistakes, but my hope is to help Caza understand that we are both happiest when we work together on the same team….and that I am the captain of the team… and the coach.  Key to success is patience and looking for the learning opportunities.   If I can have that same patience and properly apply it in the lives of my kids then I will truly have become successful.

Potty Training Continues

Well, we are all kind of new to this and don’t have it down perfectly yet, but I think we are headed down the right road.  Caza will almost always pee on command.  Pooping takes a bit longer.  We have to be sure to take her out to pee every time she gets out of crate or kennel, or after every drink she takes.  If she is not taken out to pee she will squat when she gets the urge and somebody better be close to avoid an accident.  She has gotten to the point though, that she will go to the door whenever she needs to poop.  I haven’t tested (nor am I likely to) to see how long she will wait around for us to open the door.

Play Fetch

Although Caza has never heard the word,”Fetch”  she has been doing it all week.  Two or three tosses is all that she gets because she sometimes thinks that, “get it” means grab it and run.  Unfortunately, dad is no fun and wont play the wonderful game of keep away. She is learning though,  that nicely surrendering the dummy is often rewarded with another toss.

Please, please throw it.

Please, please throw it.

I'll get it!

I’ll get it!

Here I come.

Here I come.


Every week we need to do nose awakening exercises.   Caza loves to hunt down scraps of meat or hot dogs.  The 90º – 100º + temps have not made it easy but she has been doing great!  Next week, we will likely do our first blood track.

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This week Caza started to learn about the down command.  I remember teaching it to Chester so long ago.  He didn’t like it at all.  It was frustrating to both of us.  A couple days ago, I gently put Caza into the down position and stroked her back while complimenting her.  We have done it once or twice a day since.  She is doing great.  She has never fought it, not once.  She will hold a little bit longer every time.  I doubt that I will command her, “Down!” for quite some time yet, but when I do I bet that she knows what I am talking about.

"All I have to do is lay here and he praises me. Go figure."

“All I have to do is lay here and he praises me. Go figure.”

Camping at Lake Powell

Lake Powell was the crowning event of the week.

Everybody went except for Caleb (who had obligations out of town), Mom, and Logan. Kira brought her friend Jenny, and cousin Bronwen came too.

We camped out Friday night and played most of Saturday.

Our 'private' beach, just east of Lone Rock.

Our ‘private’ beach, just east of Lone Rock.

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Saturday was a first for both Caza and Brennen.  Neither one had ever experienced deep water before. Both learned to kick their way right through it.

"Come on Brennen, let's swim to shore."

“Come on Brennen, let’s swim to shore.”

Fun at the lake

Just a few pics of the fun we had:

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