Crazy Summer Days

It has been way too long since I have updated the blog.  I’ll skip the excuses and go straight to the good stuff.


Cazadora vom Coldwater Canyon: 15 weeks old.

Isn’t she just adorable!

What we have been doing:

Caza has been learning how to stay in one place (when told to) in our house.


Do I really have to stay here?

She is getting  better at staying in the down position until released.


How long do I have to stay down?

Her retrieving experiences have been expanded.  Not just dummies but birds and bunnies too.


I love ducks!


I’ll get it.

Our schedule

We have been taking things slowly.  We have been working hard to have lots of exposure and lots of fun. We are both new to this and many of the more experienced dog people that I know warn that it is better to go too slowly than too quickly.

We usually go out exploring around 6:00 each morning.  We have seen lots of bunnies, a few wild quail, one rattlesnake, and various other critters.  We have explored sage brush flats and canyons, muddy creek bottoms, grass fields, lake edges, and mountain forests.

We are working on simple obedience.  Caza continues to learn that it is fun to come when called.  She is doing better about not chewing on kids toys and shoes.  Although she does not always like it, she does know what ‘leave it’ means.   She knows that she is not allowed out of the kennel until released, even when it is opened.   She stays in the down position longer with more distractions than before.  She is learning to say on her ‘bed’ in the house.

Drags are way too easy.  Simple blood tracks are getting there too.  It is time to make them longer, older, and more difficult.  We try to do at least one blood track a week, with some other tracking practice thrown in there to mix things up.

Caza has learned that gun shots are wonderful noises that signal more fun is close at hand.  She knows that if I have a gun with me, we are headed to the hills.  Even if I don’t have a gun, she thinks she needs to ‘load up’ every time I get in the truck.

We have plans for some good fun in the near future.   In addition to our normal activities, we are looking at participating in some training days and heading out for some bird ‘hunting’ trips.  They say that nothing teaches pups better than wild birds.  We are going traveling to find some of those elusive creatures.

See you again soon!


Come on back. I will make sure my boss does better keeping things up to date.

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