Training References

The Library

I am sure that this list will continue to grow.  It consists of books which I have read and have either used training Chester or plan on using with Caza.  For now, I am just listing them.  Later, I will add cometary about them.  They are listed alphabetically.

The Armbruster Training.
Leonard Armbruster
Available in members section of VDD-GNA webpage

The Burnt Creek Method of Dog Training
Jim Marti

The Drahthaar Puppy Manual
Roger Smith and Nancy Bohs

How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves
Joan Bailey

Smart Fetch
Evan Graham

Speed Train Your Own Bird Dog
Larry Mueller

Tracking Dog: Theory & Methods
Glen R. Johnson

Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer
John Jeanneney

The Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog
Sigbot Winterhelt and Edward D. Bailey

The Ultimate Guide to Bird Dog Training
Jerome B. Robinson

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